OAK BAY Villa locates besides China Dinosaur Land, it is surrounded by National 4A-Level Scenic Area and golf course with a total area of 330,000m2. This is a Chinese garden villa community project integrating golf, hotel and low-dense housing. Villa features: courtyard villas emphasize on both spacing and density; houses are arranged by sexangle or quadrangle, thus enclose a courtyard in the center;The primary side of building faces to the south; walls and corridors connect or surround the buildings to form a courtyard, fences are used all around, gate accesses to the outside, which shows overall harmony; Multiple courtyards layout care not only the ventilation but also the daylighting effect of courtyard; Grass lawns, flower beds and etc. are in the corner of courtyard, some blank land are also retained for leisure and chat. Unit area: town house is 220m2, detached house is about 375-424 m2. Architecture style: town house adopts oriental quadrangle courtyard, while detached house uses British, American, Mediterranean, and a variety of architectural styles.